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eLearning Services - Voiceover Narration and Editing

Pharmaceuticals, engineering, online classes, employee training…these are just some of the many ways eLearning is used today. To create a successful and engaging eLearning program, you need to know who your audience is and then communicate with them so that they retain the information and pay attention. That’s where I come in! I give your words the right tone, inflection and impact.

What’s included in eLearning services?

Voice-over (narration) of your script, editing for pacing and seamless transitions, dividing and naming individual files, slides or modules, formatting the audio to the specs required by your software system, revisions or re-takes (if needed) and thorough accuracy checking.

What Will This Cost?

Cost will vary depending on the usage and total audio length of your project. Audio length is determined by word count. If you need a specific quote, please email me directly at

Have an eLearning project that you need brought to life? Contact me today!

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