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Thanks for visiting! My name is Michelle Falzon. I'm a full-time voiceover talent and audio producer.

Have a TV or radio commercial that needs to sound amazing?


Have an e-learning project that needs a little life to it?


My mission is to make your project sound amazing, so you get the results you want.


I deliver audio quickly. My equipment is top of the line and so is my audio quality, giving you the professional sound you need. Not only do I have a large range of vocal delivery types, but I also fully edit and produce your audio (unless your producer wants it raw and unedited). I have fast turnaround times and am always available afterwards for any revisions.

I do voiceovers for explainer and product videos, radio and TV commercials, film, phone systems, eLearning and narration projects. Audio quality matters. Let's make your next project sound amazing!

Need an audition asap? Need a quote? Have random questions? Send me an email at

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